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Transformation Impossible!? Hakaider's Great Treachery!
Android Kikaider, Episode 42
Air date April 28, 1973
Written by Hideka Nagasaka
Directed by Toyohiko Hatakeyama
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Transformation Impossible!? Hakaider's Great Treachery! (変身不能!? ハカイダー大反逆! Henshin Funō!? Hakaidā Dai Hangyaku!?) is the forty-second episode of Android Kikaider.


Hanpei brings Kikaida to Mitsuko in pieces. Hakaida destroys Red Mine Toad who had downed his arch rival Kikaida. Then, Hakaida is defeated by Skeleton Flying Squirrel.


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  • Gill has stated that if Komyoji`s brain were to die then Hakaider`s power will become even weaker than an android man`s strength, contradicting his previous statements that Hakaider would die if Komyoji`s brain were to die.
  • Hanpei showed great sadness that Jiro was dismembered (to the point of breaking out in tears) showing that his bond with Jiro has deepened throughout the series.
  • Hakaider has shown an amazing amount of strength in the series, yet in this episode, he was unable to break through one door without banging it a number of times.
  • Mitsuko has hinted that Komyoji`s brain isn`t needed for Saburo`s A.I.
  • She also hinted that if Jiro were to be severely injured, he would actually die even if they were to fix his body.


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