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These Good Friends: Long Live the Androids!
Kikaider 01, Episode 46
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Air date March 30, 1974
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These Good Friends: Long Live the Androids! (よいこの友達 人造人間万才!, Yoi Kono Tomodachi Jinzō Ningen Banzai!) is the fourty sixth, and final episode of Kikaider 01.


Dr. Komyoji sends letters to Ichiro, Misao and Jiro to meet at his suburban Tokyo home, but upon returning to Japan, he is kidnapped by SHADOW. Under extreme duress, Dr. Komyoji is forced to complete a device that reconstructs and revives destroyed androids. Ichiro, Jiro and Mari come to the rescue, but are overwhelmed by SHADOW's all-out attack. Dr. Komyoji, however, has one last secret up his sleeve.


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  • This marks the return of Dr. Komyoji.
  • This marks Jiro on all final battles.
  • Although it isn`t exactly known what happened to Jiro and Ichiro, it's safe to assume that they continued to battle evil (As shown in the Kamen Rider movie) showing that they lived just fine over the years.
  • This is so far the last time Ban Daisuke voiced Jiro.
  • This marks Mari's Final Appearance.
  • As of this episode Ichiro, Jiro and Mari have defeated Shadow.