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Silver Turtle

Silver Turtle

Silver Turtle (ギンガメ, Gin Game, 14, & Movie): is the first Destructoid to appear since the original thirteen, as well as being more powerful than all of them combined.


A Destructoid that first appeared terrorizing the streets and murdering police officers that went to the scene of the crime, he was later revealed to the revived Destructoids that were created before him. The revived Destructoids tried to test their new powers against him, and despite becoming three times the stronger than they previously were, Gill revealed that Silver Tortoise has five times their strength which allowed him to easily deal with them. Ordering the three Destructoids (Green Mantis, Orange Ant and Black Horse) he didn't destroy (because of their disguising abilities) to use their powers to look like the Komyoji Family to trick Jiro, he then attacked innocent children to use as hostage. This prompted Jiro to go search for Silver Tortoise, with the other Destructoids standing in his way.

After Jiro dealt with the three Destructoids, Silver Tortoise challenged him to a fight. Without much trouble (if any), Jiro easily defeated Silver Tortoise in their battle. He was revived with all the Destructoids created before Multi-Colored Sand Lizard (aside from Tiny Echidna) in the movie only to be destroyed again


Since Silver Tortoise was created to be fifteen times stronger than his predecessors, this means he at least has 15 million horsepower. It was shown that Silver Tortoise had flight capabilities when he retracts into his shell as well as a retracted shell rolling mode called the Bowling Ball, along with the ability to shoot a toxic white mist coming from the torso called the Tortoise Gas Bomb. His other abilities include his hand claws called the Silver Turtle Claws with which has a sharp cutting edge and bombs from the limb retraction sockets called the Pineapple Bombs.

Appearances in other media


For some reason, Silver Tortoise only appeared once in the manga (where he attacked Jiro and wasn't destroyed) and did not appear again.


In the anime, Silver Tortoise appeared in the first episode where he attacked a recently awakened Jiro and was later destroyed by him.

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