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Character History

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Sanagiman is Saburo's larval stage hero form. This form has enhanced strength and defense but its mobility is hindered by the hard shell covering Saburo's body.

Saburo transformed into Sanagiman to try to evade Kikaider's assault, but the berserk android proved too strong and fast for him. Eventually Kikaider used his guitar's gun to mortally wound Saburo. Sanagiman was badly wounded and tried to run but Kikaider used his sensors to track his blood trail to find him. Kikaider thought he delivered a fatal point blank barrage of gunfire to the mutant hero, but Sanagiman used his ability to convert physical damage to heal himself and change into his true form; Inazuman.

  • Enhanced Strength:
  • Superhuman Endurance:
  • Physical Damage Conversion: One unique power Sanagiman has is that he can convert the damage he sustains into energy. Once he gains enough power, Sanagiman can evolve into Inazuman.



Inazuman is the evolved form of Sanagiman. In this form, Saburo was more than a match for Jiro with his machine gun guitar and used his teleportation and electrokinesis to disable Jiro long enough to break the Submission Circuit inside Jiro.


  • Teleportation and Super Speed: Inazuman can rapidly teleport to different locations to confuse his opponent or use his super agility to evade certain attacks
  • Electrokinesis: Inazuman, as his name suggests, can create electrical charges with the use of his mutant psychic abilities. This includes creating bolts of lightning or blasts of electricity.
  • Telepathy:



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Behind the Scenes

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