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Look Out, Jiro! Complete Functional Shutdown!!
Android Kikaider, Episode 40
Air date April 14, 1973
Written by Hideka Nagasaka
Directed by Hidetoshi Kitamura
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Look Out, Jiro! Complete Functional Shutdown!! (危しジロー! 機能完全停止!! Ayashi Jirō! Kinō Kanzen Teishi!!?) is the fortieth episode of Android Kikaider.


Grasshopper Gray builds an antenna that amplifies sound 3000 times. Masaru saves a young boy who is being attacked by Grasshopper Gray.


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  • Jiro almost allowed his emotions to sway him into doing something very foolish in this episode by allowing Masaru to destroy him when he hasn`t even defeated Dark or saved Komyoji by this episode
  • Hakaider has shown that he is willing to risk even MItsuko and Masaru`s lives to kill Jiro showing just how obsessed he was about destroying him.
  • Jiro`s guitar was broken when he was unable to move (due to the effects of the death whistle) and attacked by Grey Grasshopper yet it was shown repaired later on.