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Having a presence in tokusatsu, manga, and anime, Kikaider has had several parodies and references in pop culture.

Choujinki MetalderIcon-crosswiki.png


Top Gunder.

MetalderIcon-crosswiki.png's appearance is reminiscent of Kikaider in that the left half of him is red and the other blue. Kikaider's outer shell is half-blue and half-red because of his incomplete conscience circuit (if it was complete he would only be blue, as blue signifies "good" in the Japanese culture. while red represents "evil"). Metalder is different in that his left side is complete and his right one has exposed circuits.

There is also Violent Spirit Top GunderIcon-crosswiki.png, who started as Metalder's enemy. He can be thought of as Metalder's version of Hakaider, Kikaider's rival and anti-hero.

Kamen Rider

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Like Metalder, Kamen Rider DoubleIcon-crosswiki.png's HeatTrigger Half Change is also reminiscent of Kikaider. However, while Kikaider's left side his red and his right side is blue, HeatTrigger's right side is red and his left side is blue like Kikaider 01.

Kamen Rider Zi-OIcon-crosswiki.png

Rento Makina

  • The character of Rento MakinaIcon-crosswiki.png/Kamen Rider Kikai pays homage to Kikaider in numerous ways.
    • Rento's actor, Jingi Irie, portrayed the rebooted Jiro as seen in Kikaider REBOOT as well as the Kamen Rider GaimIcon-crosswiki.png episode The Red and Blue KikaiderIcon-crosswiki.png.
      • Kikaider REBOOT was written by Kento Shimoyama, who also wrote the Zi-O arc in which Rento is featured.
    • "Kikai" means "machine" in Japanese, which alludes to the fact that Rento isn't 100% human. This is similar to Irie's previous role as Kikaider due to the fact that Kikaider isn't human at all.
    • Ironically, his style of clothing is very similar to Jiro's 1970s television show incarnation, having a yellow shirt, black leather gloves, with a denim jacket and blue jeans.
    • One of the words the Kikai DriverIcon-crosswiki.png cries out during transformation is "Hakai!", which alludes to Kikaider's arch enemy Hakaider.
    • The title of the first episodeIcon-crosswiki.png in which Rento appears in is a pun that spells out Kikaider ("It's Kikai/Kikai Da!").
    • One of Kikai's finishing moves, Kikai Will Destroy (キカイデハカイダー, Kikai de Hakai dā), is a pun on both Kikaider and Hakaider.

Kill la Kill

Hakaider La Kill.png

In episode 18, Into The Night, the Life Fibers gain control of the students at the academy. Once under mind control their brains become visible, giving them a resemblance to Hakaider.

Hikari Sentai MaskmanIcon-crosswiki.png

In episode 38Icon-crosswiki.png of the series, the team gets sent back in time to prevent TakeruIcon-crosswiki.png from being erased. The younger Takeru is shown in a flashback wearing a homemade version of Jiro's costume and performing his transformation pose before jumping off a roof and hurting himself.

Ready Player One

Late into the novel, the main character mentions wrapping up a two-day marathon of Kikaider that people could watch from his point of view.