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Kikaider 02 also known as Kikaider Code 02 is a remake of the original Android Kikaider manga written and illustrated by MEIMU that began publishing on Septermber 2000. Compared to the original manga, the characters and settings are given a sharper design as well as a darker story that focuses on the perspective of Mitsuko Komyoji.


Mitsuko Komyoji is a cynical and distant college student studying robotics who received an email from her thought to be dead father Dr. Komyoji about her younger sister Hinano Komyoji who has amnesia and a robot modeled after her late older brother, Jiro. Jiro later reveals himself to be the powerful android Kikaider 02 created with a special Conscience Circuit that gives him emotions and free will. Jiro must combat forces of both DARK and later SHADOW while coming to terms with his identity and his incomplete Conscience Circuit.