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"Change, Switch On! 1,2,3!!!"
―Jiro's Transformation Call[src]

Jiro, otherwise known as Kikaider, is the protagonist and eponymous character of the tokusatsu series Android Kikaider.

He is a denim-clad wearing android that fights to protect the innocent from the forces of evil, seeking to make the world a better place. Created by Dr. Komyoji, Jiro`s purpose was to destroy the evil organization known as DARK.

To make sure he isn`t controlled by evil men like Professor Gill, Dr. Komyoji installed Jiro with a Conscience Circuit, allowing him to discern good orders from bad ones. Due to DARK`s ambush however, Dr. Komyoji was unable to finish completing it.

As a result, the appearance of Jiro`s battle form differed from the intended design, becoming half blue and half red instead of completely blue.

As Kikaider, few androids can rival Jiro`s prowess. He is easily one of the most powerful characters in the entire series, having well over 150 million horsepower and many other functions. Some have taken advantage of his compassion towards others, thinking it to be his weakness. What they fail to realize is that it is also one of his greatest strengths.

Often times Jiro makes his appearance by strumming a somewhat melancholic tune on his signature red guitar, which his enemies take as a sign that he is near by.




Jiro (ジロー Jirō?) was the newest and most advanced robot ever created by Dr. Komyoji and his daughter Mitsuko Komyoji, programmed to defeat the evil terrorist organization known as DARK, as well as the organization`s sinister leader, Professor Gill.

Before Dr. Komyoji could finish completing the Conscience Circuit inside Jiro though, Gill`s minions interfered. Thus Jiro`s Conscience Circuit was left incomplete.

Taking advantage of this, Professor Gill is able to use his hypnotic flute (which can hack into a robot`s mind and control them) to try and influence Jiro in abandoning humanity and becoming a member of DARK.

In his human form, Jiro is only able to barely resist the flute`s influence, causing him great pain in the process. In said situation, Jiro loses the ability to function properly, much less transform into his Kikaider persona. Only by blocking out the sound which Gill`s flute makes can Jiro be freed from this torment.

Despite this setback. Jiro vowed to protect those in need, seeing it as the right thing to do. Although he is not always welcomed by humanity, Jiro`s resolve to protect them never wavers, his sense of justice allowing him to push forward in life. Overseeing Jiro`s sense of justice is his compassion towards others, never harming those who have truly repented their crimes. This compassion extends to other sentient beings as well, whether they are organic or cybernetic.

Through his battle against DARK, Jiro gradually matures more spiritually, eventually allowing him to evolve beyond his programming and gain a free will. Through gaining a free will, Jiro became stronger as an individual.


Jiro is a selfless and courageous person. Along with being very loyal, Jiro is very mature despite his (technical) young age. His wisdom allows him to discern what is right and what is wrong.  

While having to fight Dark's minions, Jiro seems to feel at least some pity for them despite being enemies. This is because he realizes that they are merely pawns for the the true evil that controls them. He also cried when his brother Gold Wolf died a tragic death, showing how much he can care for others. This compassion is one of the key parts to Jiro's personality. 

Despite having a few problems in the past, Jiro optimistically chose to keep on living his life even after serving his original purpose. This is noteworthy as he seemed to finally accept himself for who he is as well as became more than his programming. 


A hero that Dr. Komyoji created to thwart the evil organization known as DARK, Jiro first appeared in front of their members when they attacked a dam. Easily fighting off the Android Men, Jiro transformed into his battle form to fight Grey Rhino King, the first Destructoid to appear in the series. Escaping the evil robot by using his Side Machine, Jiro went back to DARK's base, where Dr. Komyoji and his daughter were at. Speaking to them about his Conscience Circuit, Jiro was about to have it completed when the sinister Professor Gill, spoke through a mike, revealing that he knew Dr. Komyoji betrayed him. The base was then set on fire, with Komyoji disappearing in said fire after telling Jiro to stop DARK and their ambitions. Although Jiro and Mitsuko made it out alive, they were unable to regroup with Dr.Komyoji, who also made it out alive with amnesia.

Later on, Grey Rhino King disguises himself as Dr. Komyoji to try and trick Masaru into believing himself as his father. When that didn't work, Grey Rhino King kidnaps Masaru and uses him as a trap against Jiro. Transforming into Kikaider then saving Masaru and himself from the trap, Jiro engages his foe in combat once more. Although Jiro won, this was only the start for the long battle between him and DARK's members. Afterwards, Jiro would continue to fight against DARK's other Destructoids and destroy them, sometimes with varying results in terms of the situation.

This would continue on for some time until he fought Black Crow, whose reinforced armor was too tough for Jiro to penetrate. This forced Jiro to get an upgrade, making him even stronger than he previously was, allowing him to destroy the Destructoid with ease. While it seemed that things turned back into its usual state, this was soon about to change.

The sinister Destructoid known as Purple Starfish plotted to kidnap Dr. Komyoji so he would build a powerful warrior to use against Jiro. With Jiro trying to stop the robot and the Android Men, the nefarious Gill used his flute to thwart Jiro's progress. In the midst of the chaos, Dr. Komyoji regained his memories, and went to Jiro for help. Despite this however, Jiro malfunctioned from prolong exposure to Gill's flute and as a result, choked Dr. Komyoji into unconsciousness. Shortly afterwards, Jiro became paralyzed with guilt and couldn't stop DARK from taking away his creator. Eventually regaining control over his body, Jiro went after Purple Starfish while he himself was being chased by the police, who wrongly accused him as a criminal. Found by his friends, Jiro was fixed by Mitsuko only to find that his voice was lost. This was due to the guilt he felt for attacking an innocent person, said person also being his creator. Despite this setback, Jiro still persisted with stopping his foes.

When Jiro did find Purple Starfish, who also kidnapped a little girl that witnessed itself, he immediately fought the evil monster until the police arrived. Finding the police to be another obstacle to his plans, Purple Starfish retreated. Just when it seemed that the day has been saved, Gill used his flute on Jiro, causing him to choke the little girl despite his will, causing the police to further distrust him. This led to him being arrested for attempted murder, with Jiro being unable to explain the cause of his actions.

Questioned by an police chief, Jiro was still unable to explain his innocence due to his malfunction, making said officer accuse him as a madman. This was later followed with Jiro's identity as a robot being revealed, causing the police to get scientists to dismember him. The Conscience Circuit seemingly preventing Jiro from defending himself, he was put in a room where the scientists prepared to dismember him. While Jiro was in this situation, Dr. Komyoji was placed under the influence of drugs, forcing him to build Hakaider, whom DARK implanted his brain into. The younger brother of Jiro, whose alternate name was Saburo, was told by Gill that his only living purpose was to destroy his older sibling.

Despite being unwilling to at first, Jiro eventually fought his way out of prison, beating up the guards and scientists in the process. Soon afterwards, Saburo revealed himself in battle form to Jiro once the latter broke out of prison, challenging his older brother to a duel. Although Jiro was able to hold his own against his younger brother (despite having a malfunction at the time), he was ultimately defeated once Hakaider used the White Crow's missiles. Hakaider then almost succeeded in killing Kikaider, but was forced to stop fighting due to his time limit.

Due to his injury, Jiro went to a spare parts shop, using a note to get the items needed to repair himself. Hiding from the police, Jiro was founded by Masaru and Hanpei, who caught him due to Jiro not putting up a fight. Still not able to talk, Jiro was held in Hanpei's office, where Mitsuko found him. Told of the situation by Masaru, Mitsuko tried to fix Jiro again. While that was going on, Mitsuko Masaru and Hanpei didn't notice the dark shadow looming over them, until Jiro finally regained his voice and warned them.

The shadow's owner revealed to be Purple Starfish, Jiro faced it in combat. Thinking Jiro to be vulnerable due being chained, Purple Starfish carelessly approached the robot. Easily breaking free of his chains and giving the Destructoid a devastating punch which knocked it down, Jiro faced his opponent without hesitation. Angered and ready to fight, Purple Starfish charged at Jiro, when a mysterious whistling sound appeared. Finding the whistler to be Saburo, who Purple Starfish was recently abused by, the evil robot escaped in anger, with Jiro following after it.

Managing to find one of DARK's base by following the Destructoid, Jiro found Dr. Komyoji's body. Told by Gill through a speaker phone of Komyoji's situation, Jiro realized he couldn't fight Hakaider without killing their creator in the process. This was followed with a trap Gill set up, which Jiro managed to escape from as well as defeat Purple Starfish once and for all.

After defeating Purple Starfish, Kikaider was approached by Hakaider, who challenged his brother for a rematch. Despite Kikaider`s unwillingness to fight him, Hakaider left him no other choice by pointing his Hakaider Shot towards him. The robotic cyborg then told Kikaider that he prefers to not use weapons against an unarmed opponent, before attacking the latter with powerful moves. Trying to end the battle as quick as possible, Kikaider used a weakened version of his Ginga Hurricane against Saburo, defeating him without inflicting fatal injury. This allowed Kikaider to escape from their duel, with Hakaider grudgingly stating he is the only one capable of killing his archenemy.

Things did not look good for Jiro at this time, not only because of Hakaider's presence and the police, but also because Masaru went after him as well, wrongfully thinking him to have murdered Dr. Komyoji like the police officers.

When Masaru wrongly confronted Jiro over killing his father, Saburo appeared in the midst of his confusion, with Masaru siding over him. Asked who he is by Jiro, Saburo revealed his human persona's name and told the robot of their relation as brothers. Jiro did not believe Saburo's words, not knowing it to be the truth. Acting very cocky, Saburo then referred to Jiro as junk and tauntingly challenged him to a duel. Despite his willingness to fight, Jiro decided to run when Mitsuko pleaded him not to fight.

The next day, Saburo gave the Death Whistle to Masaru after showing its effects to him. He then instructed Masaru to use it on Jiro, with the child agreeing without a second thought.

After that happened, Jiro rescued Mitsuko, Masaru and a small child named Akira from some Android Men, while also learning that the Destructoid known as Brown Angler Fish kidnapped some children to use as test subjects. Despite Mitsuko telling Jiro that if he goes now, the police will catch and dismember him, the heroic robot went to go rescue them.

Riding his Side Machine with Akira tagging along to tell him the location, Jiro was ambushed by Brown Angler Fish and a few grunts. This being followed with Gill's tormenting flute, Jiro narrowly managed to change into his battle form, escaping this predicament. Immediately afterwards, Hakaider with his White Crow chased Kikaider, shooting missiles relentlessly, despite the fact that Akira was still riding alongside Jiro on the Side Machine. Cleverly escaping the barrage of missiles and Hakaider, Kikaider rescued the children and fought DARK's agents.

Just when it seemed like Brown Angler Fish had the upper edge with his flamethrower attack, Hanpei used a fire extinguisher to help Kikaider, which was followed with the silly man asking his friend for 100 yen (about 1 dollar) as payment before Brown Angler Fish scared him away. Swiftly using the situation to his advantage, Kikaider used his Ginga Hurricane attack, which was too much for Brown Angler Fish to handle and causing it's explosion.

Turning back into human form, Jiro raced off on his Side Machine about the same time Masaru led the police to the place so they can arrest the robot. The children Jiro saved then waved goodbye as he left, stating their thanks as well.

Encountering a Destructoid named Grey Grasshopper, Jiro fought it and was winning when Masaru appeared. The child then foolishly used the Death Whistle on Kikaider, which turned the robot back into his human form. Now vulnerable, Jiro was toyed around by Grey Grasshopper, who gleefully laughed in sadistic joy. Being beaten around, Jiro saw his chance to escape just as Masaru called for Saburo, switching places with his attacker. Seeing that Masaru was aiming the Death Whistle at Grey Grasshopper instead, Saburo told him to properly aim for his prey, with Masaru surprised at the predicament. Although Jiro managed to escape, he was greatly injured. He was luckily repaired by Mitsuko however, who found the robot on the ground.

Despite Masaru's actions, Jiro still saved him and Mitsuko from DARK's traps, which was followed with him appearing in front of them once Grey Grasshopper appeared. Fighting off the Destructoid, Jiro told Masaru that he would rather die than continue to be distrusted by him. Just when Masaru began to hesitate, Saburo appeared out of nowhere. The snarky cyborg easily subdued Grey Grasshopper and challenged Jiro to a fight. Not willing to let the cyborg get in his way, Grey Grasshopper attacked Jiro first, with Jiro not retaliating. Pleaded by Mitsuko to fight however, Jiro transformed into Kikaider and fought the Destructoid. Approving of Kikaider's actions, Saburo decided to wait for him to emerge victorious.

Suddenly though, Gill's flute combined with Grey Grasshopper's speaker allowed them to fully control Kikaider, forcing him to fight Saburo, whom Gill now saw as a threat. Revealing his identity as Hakaider to Kikaider, Saburo fought him in battle. Not having control of his actions, Kikaider easily had the upper hand against Hakaider, who was knocked back a number of times by his archenemy.

Their battle soon ended once Mistuko and Masaru interrupted Grey Grasshopper, allowing Kikaider to regain his sanity. Despite Mistuko and Masaru being chased by Grey Grasshopper, Hakaider would not allow Kikaider to end their fight to save them. In a struck of luck however, Hakaider's time for blood infusion came, forcing him to retreat. Not willing to let his friends get hurt, Kikaider swiftly defeated Grey Grasshopper before turning back to his Jiro persona.

He then spoke with Masaru again, with the latter feeling remorse for not only doubting Jiro, but also trying to murder him. This allowed Jiro to regain Masaru's trust, which would later prove helpful. While that was going on, Professor Gill became desperate due to none of the Destructoids being successful at destroying their hated foe.

This forced the madman to send a mail to the Komyoji siblings, which was a trap. Easily seeing through Gill's plot, Jiro went to DARK's base in their stead. Unfortunately though, Saburo appeared in front of them and Hanpei, where he told them Jiro won't make it there, and encouraged them to go despite Jiro's words. The cyborg then transformed into battle form and chased after Jiro with his White Crow. Asked by Kikaider if he plans on interrupting again, Hakaider snidely confirms he will until he defeats his archenemy. He then forces Kikaider to fight him again, which ends with Kikaider unwittingly knocking him off a cliff. Horrified at he had done, Jiro stated to Hakaider to not die as the former left the place.

Arriving at Dark's base, Jiro faced Red Mine Toad, who had the ability to explode others with through touch. This caused Kikaider's defeat, not knowing about the Destructoid's full power. With Kikaider defeated, Red Mine Toad ordered the Android Men to search for their foe's exploded parts. The exploded parts of Kikaider were then found by Hanpei, who collected them to be fixed.

The Android Men soon found Hanpei, with Red Mine Toad demanded him to give Kikaider's destroyed parts. When Hanpei was about to (and somewhat did, as he gave Kikaider's arms to the Android Men), Saburo appeared and threw his knife in Red Mine Toad's chest. Despite stating himself as stronger than Kikaider when Saburo challenged him to a duel, Red Mine Toad later learned that Saburo purposely aimed for his chest to cut the cord for his exploding powers, rendering said power unusable.

Without that ability, Red Mine Toad proved to be little to no threat for Hakaider, who easily dominated him in battle. Unwilling to admit his defeat, Red Mine Toad repeatedly boasted of his victory against Kikaider and in a last ditch effort, tried to use his bomb attack. Before Red Mine Toad could release his bomb however, Saburo used his Hakaider Shot to shoot the bomb causing it to explode along with Red Mine Toad himself. While that was going on, Hanpei sent Kikaider's broken parts to Masaru and Mitsuko, who were kidnapped by DARK's members. Realizing that they could still talk with Kikaider, Mitsuko turned his plug on, asking him how to repair his body.

While Kikaider was being repaired, Saburo went insane and was tricked into killing Dr. Komyoji by Gill, whom he revealed as Hakaider's creator. Just when the enraged cyborg was about to despite learning that the scientist's death would mean his own, Kikaider appeared in front of Hakaider, without his lower half attached to his torso. 

Kikaider then told Hakaider he would face him instead, with Hakaider telling Kikaider he would wait for his brother to be fully fixed. Once Kikaider was restored to his natural state (or so they thought), the two siblings fought in their human forms. While that was happening, Hanpei arrived in the scene, with Jiro telling him and the Komyoji siblings to carry Komyoji's body to the surgery room as he fought Saburo in a ferocious battle. When it seemed Jiro slightly had the upper edge, Saburo decided to turn into Hakaider prompting Jiro to try and change as well. Learning that his transformation circuit was still broken, Jiro was mercilessly attacked by Hakaider, who knew of his opponent's disadvantage.

The fight was luckily interrupted by Android Men who attacked both of them. Fighting through the hoard of grunts, Hakaider and Jiro split up, not knowing about the last Destructoid's presence nearby. Ambushed by White Bone Flying Squirrel, Hakaider was easily defeated by it. The defeated Hakaider then fell on the ground where he was found by Jiro. Warning Jiro about the last Destructoid whom Hakaider stated was strong, even stronger than the cyborg himself, the fallen warrior uttered that if he was going to be defeated anyways, then he would of wanted to be defeated by Jiro instead, before succumbing to his injury. Jiro then carried his fallen sibling to the surgery room as he fought off the hoard of Android Men in the darkness. Turning on the light, Jiro instructed his friends to find the plans for the brain operation surgery. When Masaru found it in a drawer, Jiro told Mitsuko to perform the surgery, telling her that if she didn't, then both Saburo and Dr. Komyoji would die.

Just when Mitsuko decided to do the surgery to revive her father, White Bone Flying Squirrel appeared in front of them, with Jiro luring the Destructoid as far away from his friends. The Destructoid eventually caught up with Jiro, telling him to fight. When Jiro tried to transform again in a last ditch effort but failed, White Bone Flying Squirrel learned of his opponent's disadvantage and decided to torment him before ultimately killing him. The defeated Jiro was then pushed off a cliff by the Destructoid, who thought the robot had perished. Managing to survive, Jiro called his Side Machine, getting on it to go to his friends place. The Komyoji family found Jiro as they escaped (with the help of Hanpei who lured the Android Men and White Bone Flying Squirrel away from them), with the revived Dr. Komyoji repairing the robot.

The underlings of DARK found them however, but not before the Komyoji family hid Jiro to save him. Ordering his minions to execute the caught family, Gill and his underlings were stopped when Jiro arrived in the nick of time to save his friends. He then proclaimed to Gill that this would be the final battle between them. Facing White Bone Squirrel in battle, Kikaider defeated the Destructoid, avenging Saburo's death. Realizing his defeat, Gill decided to self-destruct the base while sitting on his throne, hoping it would kill Jiro and his friends. Despite the madman's efforts however, Jiro and the Komyoji Family all escaped unharmed, while the rest of DARK's members got caught in the explosion. With the battle over, Dr. Komyoji explained to the police what really happened, clearing up Jiro's good name. The police chief then shook hands with Jiro while apologizing for his accusations, which the goodhearted robot responded by forgiving him.

Deciding to go to Switzerland, the Komyoji family packed up to go, with Hanpei helping them. While this happened, Jiro told Dr. Komyoji he will remain in Japan so he can train and become a stronger person. He then saw the family's plane from far away, before going on his next adventure.

Abilities and Arsenal


Kikaider in full body

Excelling at combat and multiple other things, Jiro is without a doubt a very advanced robot. Even in his human form, Jiro has multiple functions and has enough power as well as durability to withstand a 5000 degree flamethrower, ward off some Destructoids and slightly have the upper edge against Saburo in human form, who used his knife in their battle  

Kikaider is Jiro's alternate form, a powerful battle android that has well over 1,500,000 horsepower with a "heart" who fights to protect the world from Professor Gill and the DARK organization. His outer shell is half-blue and half-red because of his incomplete conscience circuit (if it was complete he would only be blue, as blue signifies "good" in the Japanese culture). In this form, Jiro is stronger than any android and if defeated by any of them (through a surprise attack), he can grow stronger to overcome them.  

  • Sidemachine: Jiro's motorcycle that comes with a sidecar. Jiro is able to control it through remote control.
  • Air Craft: Kikaider has rocket boots in the soles of his feet which allow him to jump great distances and grant him the power of flight.
  • Suction Powers: Jiro can easily walk on walls with his feet as if they were the ground.
  • Radar Detector: A radar that Jiro can use while in human form which allows him to pinpoint a person's location.
  • Arm Buzz Saw: A saw on Jiro's arm that he can use while in human form.
  • Analysis Circuit: A circuit inside Jiro that allows him to understand any type of substance as well as allows him to modify medicine.


  • Denji End (電磁エンド Denji Endo?): Kikaider's signature attack. An electromagnetically-charged cross karate chop which can cleave robots apart and fry their circuitry.
  • Double Chop (ダブルチョップ Daburu Choppu?): Kikaider's Two-Handed karate chop. This attack can sever a limb of an opponent.
  • Giant Swing Throw (大車輪投げ Dai Sharin Nage?): Kikaider grabs his enemies and lifts them up over his shoulders, tossing them into the air spinning around several times, and then hitting them hard on the ground.
  • Spinning Attack: Kikaider jumps on top of the opponent after knocking them down and proceeds to beat them.
  • Kikaider Log Spin: Kikaider grabs a log then uses it to deflect projectile weapons such as shurikens.
  • Super Clean: A water based move. Kikaider gets inside the water then spins around cleansing it.
  • Red Beam: A beam that shoots out of Kikaider`s eyes which shows if or not the target is in a disguise.
  • Feather Return: A move in which Kikaider returns a barrage of weapons back onto the opponent.
  • Ultra Kick: A kick move where Kikaider kicks the opponent with both his legs.
  • Kikaider Spark: Perhaps his most powerful attack, Kikaider crosses his hands and shoots a strong beam of light from both his hands onto his opponent.
  • Ginga Hurricane: Another powerful move where Kikaider flies and spins around his opponent, while proceeding to attack said opponent.
  • KIkaider Throw: A more powerful throw move than the Giant Swing Move where Kikaider slams the opponent on the ground.
  • Escape Screw: Kikaider musters his strength then breaks whatever is keeping him binded.
  • Repair Ability: An automatic self repair ability.

Team Attacks

There are attacks that Jiro can only perform when with Kikiader 01 and/or Bijinder. One of the dangers of using these attacks is that the combined energy could overload and destroy the bodies of the androids if not released fast enough.

  • Double Brother Power: Kikaider and 01 link together and fire powerful twin bolts of energy.It was first used on Episode 18 to destroy Giant Devil.
  • Kikaider Triple Circle Power: The three androids link their arms, jump into the air and spin at high speed destroying the target. It was used to completely destroy Zadam and Gill Hakaider at once.


Jiro transforms into his battle form by first using his right hand's fingers to portray the number three. He then stretches his arms to their respective sides and then activates his arm switches from right to left by crossing them together. Immediately afterwards, Jiro raises his arms high in the air. A burst of energy then surrounds Jiro as he changes into his battle form.

Appearances in other media

Gorenger vs. J.A.K.Q.

JIro was mentioned alongside Kamen Riders V3 and Amazon with all of them being stated as fighting evil around the world. It is likely that the events took place after defeating their respective foes.

Jiro in OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders

Kikaider Kikaider 01 Inazuman Zubat

Kikaider with Kikaider 01, Inazuman and Zubat

OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen RidersIcon-crosswiki

Kikaider has a cameo in OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders where he teams up with Kikaider 01, Inazuman and Zubat to destroy General Shadow as he attempted to escape from the Riders.

Video Games

Super Hero Tactics

Super Hero Tactics Daidal's ambitions

Tokusatsu Adventure Action Drama Super Hero Biographies

Super Tokusatsu Taisen 2001

Kikaider appears as a playable character with Kikaider 01, Bjinder, and Waruder, in the Sony PlayStation crossover strategy game Super Tokusatsu Taisen 2001Icon-crosswiki.

Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbaride

Kikaider in Ganbaride

Kikaider in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbaride.

Kikaider appears as a guest character in the arcade game Kamen Rider Battle: GanbarideIcon-crosswiki.


Behind the scenes


Jiro was portrayed by Daisuke Ban (伴 大介 Ban Daisuke?), who later portrayed Kyujiro Maeno in the 2014 film Kikaider REBOOT. A veteran tokusatsu actor, Ban also portrayed, among others, Goro WatariIcon-crosswiki as InazumanIcon-crosswiki, Daisuke IzumoIcon-crosswiki in Ninja CaptorIcon-crosswiki, and Makoto JinIcon-crosswiki in Battle Fever JIcon-crosswiki.

In the 2011 film OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen RidersIcon-crosswiki, Kikaider was portrayed by voice actor Tomokazu Seki (関 智一 Seki Tomokazu?), who previously provided the voice of Jiro's incarnation from Android Kikaider: The Animation, and suit actor Hisanori ŌiwaIcon-crosswiki (大岩 永徳 Ōiwa Hisanori?).


Kikaider is featured as #44 in the 1986 archive compilation video Toei 100 Great Heroes Super FightIcon-crosswiki.


  • KikaiderIcon-crosswiki is mentioned in the Super SentaiIcon-crosswiki team up movie, J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai vs. GorengerIcon-crosswiki and makes a cameo appearanceIcon-crosswikiin the Kamen RiderIcon-crosswikimovie Let's Go Kamen RidersIcon-crosswiki alongside Kikaider 01, Inazuman and Zubat, three more Ishinomori creations.
  • An interview reveals that the Kikaider form's design takes inspiration from a human body model mannequin (more specifically the science room mannequins commonly found in school ghost stories).
    • His overall designs and motif is quite likely based off of humans, machines and human nature in general, as quite obviously shown.
  • A thing to note is that the original name is Jinzo Ningen Kikaider a cross between the Japanese word for machine and English word rider.
    • Kikaida is also a Japanese phrase meaning "It's a machine"
  • It is shown that Jiro's sunglasses are a silver version of an Elvis Presely sunglasses.
    • Despite seemingly wearing his sunglasses under his helmet (as shown when he transforms into Kikaider) as well as the fact that he wore them in the final episode of his series, Jiro did not wear his sunglasses in the final episode of Kikaider 01's series for some reason.

In Popular Culture

Louis Koo Kkd
  • A Kikaider toy package had appeared in a 2016 Hong Kong film Line Walker.

PopTeamEpic Kikaider


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