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Invincibility!! Birth of Android 01!!
Kikaider 01, Episode 1
Kikaider 01 1
Air date May 12 1973
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The End of Jiro, or the Annihilation of Dark!?
Hakaider: What is his 4th Rank Attack!?

Invincibility!! Birth of Android 01!! (無敵!! 人造人間ゼロワン誕生!! Muteki!! Jinzō Ningen Zero Wan Tanjō!!?) is the first episode of Kikaider 01. It received a theatrical verison showing as Kikaider 01.


Three years have passed since Kikaida defeated the DARK. A thunderstorm heralds the appearance of Hakaida, now possessing the brain of the deceased Professor Gill, followed by Red Hakaida, Blue Hakaida and Silver Hakaida. They are after a young boy who is the key to a secret that will plunge the world into darkness. When the Hakaida Force attacks, Kikaida 01, the android of justice, goes into action to challenge them!


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