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Heroic Jiro Disintegrates in Midair!
Android Kikaider, Episode 41
Air date April 21, 1973
Written by Hideka Nagasaka
Directed by Toyohiko Hatakeyama
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Heroic Jiro Disintegrates in Midair! (壮絶ジロー空中分解! Souzetsu Jirō Kūchū Bunkai!?) is the forty-first episode of Android Kikaider.


Mitsuko and Masaru are lured to DARK base. Jiro stops them, but he's bushwhacked by RedMine Toad. Then, Kikaida gets blown to pieces!


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  • Masaru and Mitsuko acted very selfish and unkind towards Hanpei in this episode (to the point where they called him a burden) even though Hanpei has proven himself to be invaluable help numerous times.
  • If Red Mine toad has the ability to explode his opponents by touching them using his mines, then technically he would probably explode along with said opponent.
  • Since Jiro has over 1500000 horsepower and amazing durability (surviving explosions a number of times) technically he shouldn`t explode over one mine.
  • Komyoji`s brainless body was out of it`s capsule in this episode yet his body did not die.


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