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Hakaider Squad (ハカイダー部隊 Hakaida Butai?): When Hakaider returned from the dead with Professor Gill's brain, instead of Dr. Komyoji's, he created three other Hakaiders from three DARK scientists to serve as his aides; Red Hakaider (レッドハカイダー Reddo Hakaida?), Blue Hakaider (ブルーハカイダー Buru Hakaida?) and Silver Hakaider (シルバーハカイダー Shirubā Hakaida?). All four Hakaiders combine into a singular robot called Gattaider (ガッタイダー Gattaida?) (7 & 8). The three Hakaiders sacrificed themselves so that Professor Gill can escape. In the live-action version, all four Hakaider also transformed into separate robot monsters; Gill, Red, Blue and Silver Hakaider transformed into Black Dragon (7) (which looks like King Ghidorah), Red Centipede (5 & 6), Blue Crocodile (5) and Silver Shrimp (4), respectively. They have Androbots who assist them.



  • Gattaider's name is based on the japanese word "gattai", which means "combine".
  • While the manga and anime showed Gill Hakaider as Gill controlling Saburo`s body, the tokusatsu showed Gill Hakaider as a new personality rather than Gill himself.
  • It is unknown who the other three scientists were that put there brains inside each Hakaider body, but the manga showed three scientists that Jiro forced to put Komyoji`s brain back into his original body before blowing up the base so it is possible that they were ones that put their brains inside each Hakaider`s body.
  • The motif of Hakaider Squad members (Dragon, Crocodile, Crustacean and Centipede) will later be used as the Lucky CloverIcon-crosswiki Orphnoch in Kamen Rider 555Icon-crosswiki.


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