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Hakaider Kills Jiro!
Android Kikaider, Episode 38
Air date March 31 1973
Written by Hideka Nagasaka
Directed by Yasutada Nagano
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Hakaider Kills Jiro! (ハカイダーがジローを殺す! Hakaidā ga Jirō o Korosu!?) is the thirty-eighth episode of Android Kikaider.


Jiro escapes from prison but is attacked by Hakaida. Jiro is overpowered, but Hakaida is unable to destroy him.


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  • This episode proves that Jiro does carry some money with him as shown when he bought spare parts to repair himself.
  • The reason Hakaider won the fight with Jiro was not because of skill but rather because his bike (the white crow) is more advanced than the Side machine.
  • This episode hints that Jiro is becoming more than just a robot since he actually attacked some innocent humans to not get dismembered (The Conscience Circuit would normally not allow robots to hurt humans regardless of their own safety) an act that made even his friends question his sanity (despite it being out of self defence rather than malice).
  • When Hakaider was about to kill Jiro and yet suddenly needed blood transfusion, Komyoji`s brain may have done it on purpose to save Jiro.
  • Despite the title Hakaider does not actually manage to kill Jiro.
  • As you see the episode you may see that Mitsuko and Masaru aren`t too upset over the supposed death of Komyoji (even though they have been searching him for about thirty-seven episodes) even when they saw his fake body.
  • Although Masaru stated that he wants revenge on Jiro for supposedly killing Komyoji, how would a normal human kill Jiro or even catch him (in the police`s case) when Jiro is so powerful?
  • It should be noted that Masaru was over come with emotions at the time though.
  • Jiro regains the ability to talk (although if you listen closely to his fight with Hakaider you can hear him talk a little bit) in this episode.


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