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Saburo (サブロー Saburō), or Hakaider (ハカイダー Hakaidā), had a brief appearance in Kikaider 02 manga.

Fictional Character Biography

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An artificial man created by Dr. Komyoji to keep the brain of Komyoji Ichiro, who had weak but brainwaves, alive, using Gill Helbert's genetic technology. The human body has a wild appearance of leather jacket and sunglasses and hairstyle of all-back, and there is no reminiscent of the ill-mannered Ichiro. In addition, a throw-type knife is used.

At first there was no effect of Ichiro's brain, but the original 01 shelling hit the chest and completely awakened Ichiro's personality, after which he opposed DARK and Dr. Komyoji as "Saburo", neither Ichiro Komyoji nor Hakaider will be. The difference from the special effects version and the original version, the reason that he hates Jiro/Kikaider is added to "It is his own confusing thing". Finally, it seems that its function has been stopped due to the functional deterioration due to the nano machine of Armageddon God and the time limit for blood exchange has been reached.