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This article is about a/an monster in Android Kikaider.
Green Mammoth
Green Mammoth
Episodes: Bitter-Orange Snail's Murderous Whistle
Green Mammoth's Earth-Freezing Strategy!!
Season: Android Kikaider
Actor: Hiroshi Masuoka

Green Mammoth (ミドリマンモス, Midori Manmosu, 25 & 26): is a Destructoid with ice based powers. Despite supposedly being based on a mammoth, his resemblance to one is not very close, as noted by some of the viewers.



As the Destructoid who was based on a creature from the Ice Age, it's not much surprise that Green Mammoth has freezing powers. This includes a freezing mist from the suction tentacle arms called the Mammoth Dry Gas which can rust even those like Kikaider and the ability to shoot missiles packed with carbon dioxide. He also has a move using his mammoth trunk like arms called the Mammoth Ultra-Chop. It is possible that he can also instantly move to different places.