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Gold Wolf Howls in Hell
Android Kikaider, Episode 11
Air date September 23 1972
Written by Hideka Nagasaka
Directed by Hidetoshi Kitamura
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Gold Wolf Howls in Hell (ゴールドウルフが地獄に吠える Gōrudo Urufu ga Jigoku ni Hoeru?) is the eleventh episode of Android Kikaider.


Mistuko and Masaru are captured by Gold Wolf, and Jiro is seriously injured when he tries to save them.


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  • This episode proved that Jiro can indeed cry when he`s feeling sad (even in his battle form).
  • Gold Wolf was more unique in a sense that he was actually a good destructoid (when not under moonlight) compared to most other destructoids and was more than willing to help Jiro as a brother ( the only other brothers that were seen as good were Jinbei and 01)
  • If you see the remains of Gold Wolf you can see that his body isn`t in pieces compared to most other destructoids that Jiro faced (Perhaps because Jiro held back when he used his Denji End attack)
  • Jiro easily held his own against Gold wolf and yet killed him when he could have just waited for the moon to hide or lure him to a place without moonlight.