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Ghost Story: Basement Secret Base's Spectre Woman
Kikaider 01, Episode 11
Ghost Story1
Air date July 21 1973
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Great Leader: A Mysterious Big Shadow!?
Ghost Story: The Graveyard of the Freshly Severed Head of the Confused Cat Curse

Ghost Story: Basement Secret Base's Spectre Woman (怪談 地下秘密基地の幽霊女 Kaidan Chika Himitsu Kichi Yōrei Onna?) is the eleventh episode of Kikaider 01.


Defeated by Kikaida 01, Hakaida is revived and is enveloped into the SHADOW organization. A young boy blows the whistle on Ghost Woman, a Murderbot supervising the construction of a network of underground bases. Ichiro comes to the rescue, but can he defeat the combined efforts of SHADOW and Hakaida?


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