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Flying At 'Ya, Android Kikaider
A movie for Android Kikaider
Kikaider Movie.jpg
Release date March 17, 1973
Written by Hideka Nagasaka
Directed by Hidetoshi Kitamura
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The End of Jiro's Electromagnetic End!
Crazed Jiro Attacks Komyoji

Flying At 'Ya, Android Kikaider (飛び出す人造人間キカイダー, Tobidasu Jinzô Ningen Kikaidâ) is a 33-minute theatrical 3-D movie, that was released on March 17, 1973. It was titled The Kikaida 3D Movie in Hawaii.


Professor Gill has created a machine that lets him restore destroyed robots. This machine is then used to recreate all of the destructroids that were destroyed by Kikaider up from episodes 1-34. Kikaider is then forced to destroy them all once again as well as a new Destructoid Multi-Colored Sand Lizard.


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Digital Releases

  • Hawaii's Generation Kikaida release of Jinzo Ningen Kikaider DVD Volume 9 features episodes 41-43 and the movie, with English subtitles provided by JN Productions.[1]
  • The Kikaider Movie is included on a bonus disc in The Toei Tokusatsu Hero: the Movie Box Set.[2]
  • Jinzo Ningen Kikaider Blu-ray Volume 1 features episodes 1-18 and the movie.[3]
  • JN Productions and Toei released Complete Jinzo Ningen Kikaider DVD Box sets containing all 43 episodes and the Movie.[4][5]