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Devilish Woman?? Pink Armadillo
Android Kikaider, Episode 24
Air date December 23, 1972
Written by Noboru Shimazu
Directed by Yasutada Nagano
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Devilish Woman?? Pink Armadillo (魔性の女?? モモイロアルマジロ Majō no Onna?? Momoiro Arumajiro?) is the twenty-fourth episode of Android Kikaider.


Pink Armadillo transforms itself into a voluptuous woman to entice men and implant control devices in their brains.


Jiro (Kikaida) attempts to save Masaru on a bridge. Suddenly, Pink Armadillo comes with her android women and attacks Jiro. The flute plays, causing Jiro to have a massive headache. Pink Armadillo attacks Jiro by using her whip for her left arm to strangle Jiro. Jiro struggles against her attack but ignores the flute playing and saves Masaru.

Later, another fight occurs with Pink Armadillo. Pink Armadillo kidnaps a man's daughter. Jiro changes into Kikaida and fights Pink Armadillo. However, Pink Armadillo uses her whip (the left arm) and wraps it about Kikaida's neck, crushing his neck. Pink Armadillo laughs as Kikaida continues getting strangled. Pink Armadillow attempts to claw Kikaida's mechanical face with her right arm. Kikaida continues struggling but breaks free by hitting Pink Armadillo in the stomach area. Pink Armadillo whips Kikaida in the face, causing him to flip over on the ground. He quickly gets back up and holds onto his arm. Pink Armadillo attempts to whip Kikaida but misses. Kikaida jumps in the air and kicks her in the chest, causing her to fall onto the ground. Pink Armadillo transforms into a human, holding onto her chest. "Remember, DARK has a woman!" Pink Armadillo says before changing into a rolling ball, while laughing.


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