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Deathmatch of the South Era!! Zadam: ESP Demonstration
Kikaider 01, Episode 26
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Air date November 10, 1973
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The Devilish Child Zadam: Lunar World Base Departure
Hot Contest of the Secluded Region!! Zadam's Infernal Trap

Deathmatch of the South Era!! Zadan: ESP Demonstration (南紀の死斗!! ザダム超能力発揮 Minamiki no Shitō!! Zadamu Chōnōryoku Hakki?) is the twenty-six episode of Kikaider 01.


Uchiyama Katsura is to present her late father's thesis on psycho kinesis at a scientific conference, but Zaddam fears that her father's discovery will damper his powers while boosting those of 01. To keep one step ahead of SHADOW, Ichiro disguises Misao as Katsura, but Hakaida sees through the plot, while Zaddam destroys 01's right arm – will the real Katsura escape, and can 01 fend off the terrible powers of Zaddam?


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