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Blues Kong

Blues Kong (ブルスコング, Burusu Kongu, 7, 14, & Movie): is a Destructoid that was actually a fan made one from one of the viewers.


When Blues Kong appeared to terrorize a school, one of the kids managed to escape, which allowed the public to learn about DARK and caused the police to mark the organization. Later on Blues Kong fought Kikaider, which ended when Blues Kong managed to severely injure him with his missiles as well as capture him. Despite managing to capture their foe, Jiro was fixed by his friends and in a fit of rage, Blues Kong self destructed the base so it would finish off Jiro. This did not work however, as he escaped the base unharmed. This caused Blues Kong to attack him, with the battle being finished when Jiro destroyed Blues Kong with his "Denji End" attack.

He was revived on Episode 14 along with all the other Destructoids that were created before Silver Turtle to test his power. He was immediately killed by Silver Tortoise's Pineapple Bomb attack. He was revived yet again with all the Destructoids created before Multi-Colored Sand Lizard (aside from Tiny Echidna) in the movie, only to be destroyed again.


Despite clearly not being the smartest Destructoid as shown through his multiple screw ups, Blues Kong was not the weakest as he even managed to injure Kikaider in their fight. Alongside a launchable right wrist collar with a chain, the ability to separate his body parts into six pieces and a mouth which can be used to create gusts of wind as well as act as a powerful vaccum, Blues Kong had powerful missiles from his neck collar which can severely damage even Jiro if hit.

Appearances in other media


While not clearly shown, there was an android that resembled Blues Kong among all the androids that were ordered to attack Jiro when he invaded their base. This android was easily destroyed alongside all the other Destructoids when Jiro went temporarily berserk out of rage.


Appeared alongside Blue Buffalo and Blue Water Scorpion as the blue colored trio to test Hakaider's capabilities. Despite boasting he would destroy Saburo, Blues Kong was easily defeated when Hakaider used his speed to slam Blues Kong onto a wall before proceeding to destroy all three of them with his Hakaider Shot.

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