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Android Kikaider
Number 1
Number of episodes: 43
First episode: The Terrifying Grey Rhino King is a Messenger of Hell
Original airing: July 8, 1972 - May 5, 1973
Production Order
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Android Kikaider (人造人間キカイダー, Jinzō Ningen Kikaidā) is a tokusatsu superhero TV series, and the first to feature the superhero Kikaider. Created by mangaka Shotaro Ishinomori, the show was produced by Toei Company Ltd., and was broadcast on NET (now TV Asahi) from July 8, 1972 to May 5, 1973, with a total of 43 episodes.


Dr. Komyoji is a scientist and an expert in robotics, who is being kept prisoner by the evil organization, DARK. Dr. Komyoji creates Kikaider in order to defeat Dark and protect the innocent. When Gill, the head of DARK, learns about this, he sends his androids to deal with Dr. Komyoji. Jiro (Kikaider) is able to rescue Dr. Komyoji's daughter, Mitsuko, but a fire separates him from Dr. Komyoji. Jiro is able to destroy Gray Rhino King, but is unable to locate Dr. Komyoji, who is wandering away with amnesia.

The series mainly deals with the constant battle between Kikaider and the destructroids. DARK pursues Dr. Komyoji and his children, Mitsuko and Masuru. Hatori Hanpei, a detective who provides comedy relief, helps them. During most battles, Professor Gill uses his evil flute to stop Jiro from becoming Kikaider. Jiro manages to find a way to drown out or block the sound of the flute. Dr. Komyoji (wandering with amnesia) is usually a figure in the background. Mitsuko and Masuru often talk to people who have encountered him, but never manage to catch up with him. On a few occasions, when Jiro is damaged, Dr. Komyoji manages to fix him, without quite knowing what he is doing.

Later in the series, Jiro is nearly overcome by Professor Gill's flute, and he attacks Dr. Komyoji. DARK captures Dr. Komyoji and makes it seem that Jiro killed him. Jiro is overcome with guilt and unable to speak, there unable to defend himself. He is arrested by the police and they find out his true nature so they decide to have scientists dismember him in human form despite objections from Mitsuko, Masaru and Hanpei. Jiro manages to escape from the police by knocking them and the scientists unconscious and bending steel bars. As he is escaping a new character appears, Hakaider. DARK forced Dr. Komyoji to build him and place his own brain in the machine, under control of an evil circuit, the opposite of Kikaider's conscience circuit. Kikaider fights the robot and while doing pretty well loses due to Hakaiders bike being of better quality than the Side Machine and is almost destroyed, when Hakaider suddenly leaves due to needing blood infusions with Komyoji. When Jiro finds out that Dr. Komyoji's brain is in Hakaider's body, he realizes that he will not be able to fight Hakaider.

Mitsuko, Masaru and Hanpei wonder what has happened to Jiro when they see a leather-clad man walking down the side of the building. This man is actually an cyborg, Saburo/Haikaider. He says that he is the creation of Dr. Komyoji, and lies that he was created in case Jiro were to go berserk so that he may destroy him. Masaru allies himself with Saburo due seeing him as a replacement brother figure to Jiro. Masaru then tries to get revenge on Jiro due to him thinking Jiro really did kill his father despite Jiro trying to tell him otherwise. Jiro is also wanted by the police due them also thinking Jiro murdered Komyoji and also tried to murder a little girl despite the reason being him controlled by Gills flute for a moment. Out of sight of Mitsuko and Masaru, Saburo reveals that he is actually Hakaider to Jiro. He and Masaru pursue Jiro but Masaru eventually opens his eyes and realizes Jiro is still good when he surrenders.

The DARK androids later capture Dr. Komyoji's children while Jiro faces Red Mine Toad. Red Mine Toad destroys Kikaider, using a mine that is built into his body that is set to explode when something touches him which Jiro didn`t know at the time. Hatori collects the pieces of Kikaider's body and runs while Haikaider as Saburo cuts the cord Red Mine Toad has set to explode his opponents so as to be able to touch him without the risk of getting blown up. He destroys Red Mine Toad for destroying Jiro therefore making him lose his purpose in life. Hakaider then goes crazy due to him both realizing the emptiness of his purpose and for killing his own team member making him but a killing machine. Hatori has found Mitsuko and Masaru and gives them the pieces of Kikaider. Hakaider confronts Hanpei and shows his true insanity by questioning him about his (Haikaiders) life and states that he wants revenge on Gill for creating him in the first place as Hanpei directs his attention to Gills base. Hakaider then goes to kill Gill while Mitsuko connects Kikaiders head to his torso for him to talk and give instructions on how to repair his body. Gill convinces Hakaider to kill Dr. Komyoji, instead of attacking DARK. Hakaider locates Dr. Komyoji's body, and finds the partially reassembled Kikaider. Hakaider refuses to fight a helpless enemy, and allows Mitsuko to finish reassembling him. A rebuilt Jiro fights Hakaider as Saburo so he can retrieve Komyoji`s brain. While fighting Saburo Jiro realizes that his change circuit is still broken as Saburo transforms into Haikaider. Jiro is unable to change to Kikaider, but he decides to lure Hakaider away to protect Dr. Komyoji and Komyoji's children.

Professor Gill sends White Bone Flying Squirrel against Hakaider, and Hakaider loses the battle. Jiro gives the body of Hakaider to Mitsuko, who puts Dr. Komyoji's brain back into his body. Dr. Komyoji recovers, and is able to fix Jiro's change circuit. The Komyoji family are captured by DARK, but are rescued by Kikaider. Kikader destroys White Bone Flying Squirrel, and Prof. Gill, rather than be captured, destroys himself and the DARK base.

Dr. Komyoji leaves Japan, and takes his family with him. Jiro decides to stay in Japan to improve himself as a human and to become a better superhero.


Hakaider Saburo




  1. The Terrifying Gray Rhino King is a Messenger of Hell (恐怖のグレイサイキングは地獄の使者, Kyōfu no Gurei Sai Kingu wa Jigoku no Shisha)
  2. The Mysterious Green Mantis is a Homicidal Fiend (怪奇グリーンマンティスは殺人鬼, Kaiki Gurīn Mantisu wa Satsujinki)
  3. The Accursed Orange Ant's Deadly Challenge (呪いオレンジアントの死の挑戦, Noroi Orenji Anto no Shino Chōsen)
  4. The Evil Blue Buffalo Sets a Trap (悪魔のブルーバッファローが罠をはる, Akuma no Burū Baffarō ga Wana o Haru)
  5. Yellow Jaguar's Demonic Hands Draw Near (イエロージャガーの魔の手が迫る, Ierō Jagā no Ma no Te ga Semaru)
  6. Black Horse Waits in the Execution Zone (ブラックホースが死刑場でまつ, Burakku Hōsu ga Shikeijō de Matsu)
  7. Monster Blues Kong's Great Rage (怪物ブルスコングが大暴れ, Kaibutsu Burusu Kongu ga Ōabare)
  8. Carmine Spider Laughs Eerily (カーマインスパイダーが不気味に笑う, Kāmain Supaidā ga Fukimi ni Warau)
  9. Agonizing Death! Calamity Bird Red Condor (断末魔! 妖鳥レッドコンドル, Danmatsuma! Yōchō Reddo Kondoru)
  10. Scorpion Brown's Maddened by the Human Bombs (サソリブラウン人間爆発に狂う, Sasori Buraun Ningen Bakuhatsu ni Kurū)
  11. Gold Wolf Howls in Hell (ゴールドウルフが地獄に吠える, Gōrudo Urufu ga Jigoku ni Hoeru)
  12. The Cruel Witch Silver Cat (残酷魔女シルバーキャット, Zankoku Majo Shirubā Kyatto)
  13. Pink Tiger Attacks the Amusement Park (ピンクタイガーの遊園地襲撃, Pinku Taigā no Yūenchi Shūgeki)
  14. Great Devil Silver Tortoise Summons 3 Monsters (大魔神ギンガメが三怪物を呼ぶ, Daimajin Gin Game ga San Kaibutsu o Yobu)
  15. The Shadow of the Golden Bat's Curse (キンイロコウモリ呪いの陰, Kin'iro Kōmori Noroi no Kage)
  16. The Woman Crimson Jellyfish Calls to the River Styx (女ベニクラゲが三途の川へ招く, Onna Beni Kurage ga Sanzunokawa e Maneku)
  17. Red Hornet's Terrifying Prisoner Plan (アカクマバチ恐怖の人質計画, Aka Kumabachi Kyōfu no Hitojichi Keikaku)
  18. Black Chameleon's Phantom Heist Strategy (クロカメレオン幻の大強奪作戦, Kuro Kamereon Maboroshi no Dai Gōdatsu Sakusen)
  19. The Grim Reaper Beast Horseshoe Crab Rouge Appears! (死神獣カブトガニエンジ参上!, Shinigami Jū Kabutogani Enji Sanjou!)
  20. The Ruthless Blue Waterbug's Poison Plan!! (冷酷アオタガメのドクロ計画!!, Reikoku Ao Tagame no Dokuro Keikaku!!)
  21. Brutality! Purple Rat's Poison Fangs (残虐! ムラサキネズミの毒牙, Zangyaku! Murasaki Kinezumi no Dokuga)
  22. White Sawshark's 12-Hour Nightmare (シロノコギリザメ悪夢の12時間, Shiro Nokogirizame Akumu no Jū-Ni Jukan)
  23. The Three Yellow Antlion Siblings Meeting! (キイロアリジゴク三兄弟見参!, Kiiro Arijigoku San Kyōdai Kenzan!)
  24. Devilish Woman?? Pink Armadillo (魔性の女?? モモイロアルマジロ, Majō no Onna?? Momoiro Arumajiro)
  25. Bitter-Orange Snail's Murderous Whistle (ダイダイカタツムリ殺しの口笛, Daidai Katatsumuri Koroshi no Kuchibue)
  26. Green Mammoth's Earth-Freezing Strategy!! (ミドリマンモス地球冷凍作戦!!, Midori Manmosu Chikyuu Reitō Sakusen!!)
  27. Violet Turban Shell's Evil Love (バイオレットサザエの悪魔の恋, Baioretto Sazae no Akuma no Koi)
  28. Red Devil Stingfish Makes Babies Cry! (赤子を泣かすアカオニオコゼ!, Akago o Nakasu Aka Oni Okoze!)
  29. Sponge Green Lives Thrice (カイメングリーンは三度蘇える, Kaimen Gurīn wa Sando Yomigaeru)
  30. Red Squid Targets the Beautiful College Student (アカネイカ美人女子大生を狙う, Akane Ika Bijin Joshidaisei o Nerau)
  31. Octopus Gold Calls for Jiro's Death (ジローの死を呼ぶタコヤマブキ, Jirō no Shi o Yobu Tako Yamabuki)
  32. Blue Electric Eel's Evil Arms Glow (アオデンキウナギ魔の腕が光る, Ao Denki Unagi Ma no Ude ga Hikaru)
  33. The Fiendish Demonface Crab Red's Cursed Law (兇悪キメンガニレッド呪いの掟, Kyōaku Kimen Gani Reddo Noroi no Okite)
  34. The Child-Taking Monster Black Echidna (子連れ怪物ブラックハリモグラ, Kotsure Kaibutsu Burakku Harimogura)
  35. The End of Jiro's Electromagnetic End! (ジローデンジエンドの最期!, Jirō Denji Endo no Saigo!)
  36. Crazed Jiro Attacks Komyoji (狂ったジローが光明寺をおそう, Kurutta Jirō ga Kōmyōji o Osou)
  37. Jiro's Younger Brother: The Formidable Enemy Hakaider! (ジローの弟 強敵ハカイダー!, Jirō no Otōto Kyōteki Hakaidā!)
  38. Hakaider Kills Jiro! (ハカイダーがジローを殺す!]], Hakaidā ga Jirō o Korosu!)
  39. National Dragnet for Our Father's Enemy Jiro (父の仇ジロー全国指名手配, Chichi no Kyū Jirō Zenkuni Shimeitehai)
  40. Look Out, Jiro! Complete Functional Shutdown!! (危しジロー! 機能完全停止!!, Ayashi Jirō! Kinō Kanzen Teishi!!)
  41. Heroic Jiro Disintegrates in Midair! (壮絶ジロー空中分解!, Souzetsu Jirō Kūchū Bunkai!)
  42. Transformation Impossible!? Hakaider's Great Treachery! (変身不能!? ハカイダー大反逆!, Henshin Funō!? Hakaidā Dai Hangyaku!)
  43. The End of Jiro, or the Annihilation of Dark!? (ジローの最後かダーク全滅か!?, Jirō no Saigo ka Dāku Zenmetsu ka!?)


Flying At 'Ya, Android Kikaider (飛び出す人造人間キカイダー, Tobidasu Jinzô Ningen Kikaidâ) was a 33-minute theatrical 3-D episode, was released on March 17, 1973. It was titled The Kikaida 3D Movie in Hawaii. Professor Gill has created a machine that lets him restore destroyed robots. This machine is used to recreate all of the destructroids that had been destroyed by Kikaider. Kikaider is forced to destroy them all once again.


  • Jiro (ジロー, Jirō): Daisuke Ban (伴 大介, Ban Daisuke)
  • Dr. Komyoji (光明寺博士, Kōmyōji-Hakase): Hajime Izu (伊豆 肇, Izu Hajime)
  • Mitsuko Komyoji (光明寺 ミツ子, Kōmyōji Mitsuko): Jun Mizunoe (水の江 じゅん, Mizunoe Jun)
  • Masaru Komyoji (光明寺 マサル, Kōmyōji Masaru): Masahiro Kamiya (神谷 政浩, Kamiya Masahiro)
  • Hanpei Hattori (服部 半平, Hattori Hanpei): Shun Ueda (植田 峻, Ueda Shun)
  • Professor Gill (プロフェッサー・ギル, Purofessā Giru): Mitsuo Andō (安藤 三男, Andō Mitsuo)
  • Saburo (サブロー, Saburō): Jūji Mayama (真山 譲次, Mayama Jūji)
  • Hakaider (ハカイダー, Hakaidā, Voice): Shōzō Iizuka (飯塚 昭三, Iizuka Shōzō)
  • Narrator (ナレーター, Narētā): Masāki Okabe (岡部 政明, Okabe Masāki)


  • Jiro/Dark Robot (ep 32): Kenji Ohba (as Kenji Takahashi)
  • Kikaider: Toshiaki Kikuchi
  • Dark Robot: Ko Hayami, Yukio Mihashi, Kimisa Utsonomiya (ep 31)
  • Dark Robot (trampoline) (ep 33): Tatsumi Nikamoto
  • Hakaider: Tetsuo Masuda, Kazuo Mishima (ep 34)

DVD Release

A 9 volume Region 1 DVD box set was released by Generation Kikaida and JN Productions in Hawaii for the US.[1]


Zero Diver.jpg
  • Before the production, Kikaider was tentatively titled Android Zero Diver (人造人間ゼロダイバー, Jinzō Ningen Zero Daibā).